Welcome to Anerley Across. Ben Cahill started the Anerley Across Society in 1982. Through many fundraising events, we take groups of special needs and sick children and adults on ten-day holidays to Lourdes. We arrange to travel by coach/ambulance by hiring 'the jumbulance' from Across Scotland and book a suitable hotel in Lourdes. Many people are unable to fly due to their disabilities or complex needs but with the jumbalance and the stretcher beds and medical equipment on board we can "make the impossible possible" for them.

We then establish a group. This means finding and visiting the special need and sick person prior to leaving on a trip and finding all our helpers. We travel very much as a team made up of helpers and VIP's (Patients). Our team consists of 14 able-bodied men and women, including a Doctor, Priest, male and female nurses and 10 VIP's. Many of the helpers travel with the Anerley Across every year.

Any helper will tell you it is extremely hard work but very rewarding as very little sleep is had during the ten days. Our day starts at 6am and finishes at 11pm approximately and we can be called at night. During the day we stay together as a group at all times and we go out on day trips. Although we have a very busy schedule we still give total care to our VIP's.

All our trips are made possible through the generous support and donations that we receive throughout the year. This includes raffles, race nights, dances and an annual golf day. This charity is run on a totally voluntary basis.

We believe that everyone in the group enjoys the holiday and finds it very rewarding. At present it costs £700 for each individual to go on these ten day trips to Lourdes which includes travel, full board, insurance and all the medical facilities.

Without the support and generosity of everyone concerned our trips would not be possible. If you can help in anyway, particularly with fundraising, please contact us.

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